• Image of 2019 Monorail Bunny Calendar + Monorail Bunny (Save $6.00)
  • Image of 2019 Monorail Bunny Calendar + Monorail Bunny (Save $6.00)

Adopt your very own Monorail Bunny and purchase a 2019 Monorail Bunny Calendar. Our 2019 Monorail Bunny Calendar is the seventh consecutive calendar we've created that features Bunny adventure all over Seattle.

Monorail Bunny was accidentally left behind on the Seattle Center Monorail - we've adopted him and now he travels on adventures all over Seattle with his traveling companion, Ollie Otter.

The 2019 calendar features photos of different adventures around the Pacific Northwest. Each calendar page is 8.5"x11" and includes lots of space to write important dates.

Monorail Bunny is 7.5" tall - just like the original Monorail Bunny. We hope you'll take Bunny on adventures and share your photos with us.

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