• Image of 2020 Monorail Bunny Calendar

Monorail Bunny, Ollie Otter and Puff the Penguin explored some incredible places - follow along on their adventures in their 2020 calendar. Bunny, Ollie and Puff love exploring Seattle and even managed to take a few trips outside of the city.

Each month highlights a different adventure. Monorail Bunny and Ollie Otter were both accidentally left behind on the Seattle Center Monorail - we've adopted them and now they travel together as they learn about the Pacific Northwest. They recently adopted their new friend, Puff the Penguin, last November!

Each calendar page is 8.5"x11" and includes lots of space to write important dates.

Shipping is included for orders within the United States. Shipping is additional for orders outside of the United States.

This is our sixth consecutive Monorail Bunny Calendar. Thank you to everyone who has followed along on Monorail Bunny's adventures - we appreciate the support!